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    Mountainradio Mountain Radio 1.0.0

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    About This File

    Mountain Radio README

    Author: errol (IRE)
    Last Updated: 01/11/05
    Version: b1

    Mountain Radio is a small teams / warmup intended, dual objective map for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. Both teams must steal and transmit 3 of their opponent's secret documents to win. The time limit is set to 10 minutes, but no-one will win until one team has successfully transmitted 3 documents. It's designed for clan warmups and times when your server is quiet. The map has been tested for 1v1 to 4v4 and has resulted in fast-paced, fun-packed games. I dont think it would function well with anything over those numbers, but I could be wrong! 😛

    Time limit: 10 minutes
    Allies Spawn Time: 15 seconds
    Axis spawn Time: 15 seconds
    Objectives: Dual obj - steal 3 of your opponent's secret documents and transmit them at your base radio
    Gametypes: mp, obj & sw

    * Thanks to Drakir for the lovely Radar prefab
    * Thanks to Lanz and his Silly_CTF script, this really made my script easier to write
    * Thanks to all the testers on the Bolthole. All my VPL clan buds & M4X spankage, :RedleB:, xOr, HumanCanniBal, BenMcDermott, Dazza, WatchYourBack:-), PapaSchlumpf & cadea.

    * 2 textures (the team signs / flags) & 1 sound (allies alarm) from Wolf: ET have been modified & renamed by me and included in the pk3. I don't claim to have created these textures / sounds. It was the only way I could figure to best use them in my map.
    * If you would like to add this map to any script, the (bsp) name is mountainradio_b1.

    Known Issues in b1:
    * Team members seem to spawn into the same spawn point / spawn on top of each other (fixed for b2)
    * Mortar 'allegedly' seems to go through the sky at times 😛 (I still say this is lies!)


    Please leave any feedback, bugs or suggestions at http://www.vplclan.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=749

    Have fun!



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