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FA-Krusnik87_coop_16players 1.0

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About This File

On Insurgency exists a weird issue that even developpers can't fix yet.


When joining a custom server for the first time, if it runs a script, game won't download at all from server this file. Even more true when you don't have the dedicated folder already.
Usually by trying to join the server a second time (considering you run the game with admin rights), it will download automatically the file and install it.


However if that's not the case, here the file required to join our =F|A= #2 Coop Hardcore server if you've never played on a custom server with scripts yet.


To install it, you'll need to extract it (with 7zip or winrar) in this folder:




If this folder under insurgency doesn't exist, just create it, and extract the file there.



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