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6 flags Final

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About This File

Map Type: OBJ
Map Size: Medium
Map Theme: Not Set


Title 6flags
File name 6flags_110.pk3
Map name 6flags
Version 1.1.0 (Created July 2005)
Author 2Bit (www.tibetclan.com)
Other maps The Breakout, Glider Assault, TankBuster, British Bulldog, 2tanks
- available from www.tibetclan.com


Optimum number
of players At least 12. Plays well with 24+.


Installation Put the pk3 file into the etmain folder.


Description For either team to win:
Capture both base flags and hold them for 2 minutes
== or ==
Control all 6 flags


If the time limit expires the winning team is the one which controls the most flags.


Gamemodes Objective, Stopwatch.


Thanks to Splash Damage and Activision.
Drakir and Iffy for various neat prefabs.
Heckl3r and Marko/Lowlife/Bob Le Roux for some great textures and sound files.
Amethyst7 for his great skybox.
TibeT Clan for invaluable testing and feedback.


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