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Necrology Final

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About This File

Map Type: OBJ
Map Size: Medium
Map Theme: Not Set


Decription : - August 1945 -


End of second world war is near, but Axis and Allies need to fight for the last time.
This last combat is to hold dead teamate lost in combat and transport bones in crypt to resurect soul.


This map is CTF style and you need to capture dead bones placed in map for the two teams. For win you need to capture 8 bones.


Explication for playing the map necrology_b1 :


I have placed 8 bones for axis in allies side and 8 bones for allies in axis side.
For axis you have one tiny red light from bones to capture and for allies you have blue light, i have make this is for no confusion during the game.


In the middle of the map you have one Resurector to construct (command post) and this can open in automatic door from crypt for secure bones.


Example for opening crypt door :


- Resurector is not constructed from the two teams : Allies and Axis crypt door's are closed !


- Resurector is constructed from Axis : Axis crypt door is open
: Allies crypt door is closed


- Resurector is constructed from Allies : Allies crypt door is open
: Axis crypt door is closed


The two teams need to fight for capture the Resurector and defending it for have advantage for win the match.


Ok guys the briefing is finished go to fight and have fun.


Axis Objective : Construct The Resurector for opening crypt door and secure all 8 bones.


Allies Objective : Construct The Resurector for opening crypt door and secure all 8 bones.


Change from béta1 to béta2 :


- Rain deleted
- Hole deleted
- Higher global light
- New access from underway
- Teleport zone secured from planting landmines
- Add more tree
- Add water in underway
- Delete ladder for access over the church
- Deleted last 2 minutes music
- Add Axis and Allies win music
- New compilation
- Reduced time from 30 minutes to 25 minutes


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