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Siwa Teuthonia

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About This File

Map Type: OBJ
Map Size: Medium
Map Theme: Other
Attacker: Allies


1.Capture the Siwa Spawn
2.Destroy the Siwa Wall
3.Lower the dropzone fence
4.Enter the dropzone to call air support
5.Bring the ammunition box to the artillery gun to load the gun
6.Rotate the artillery gun towards the gate of Teuthonia
7.Fire the artillery gun to destroy the gate of Teuthonia


Secondary objectives:


- build the waterpump to access the tunnel
- build the command post to create an alternative Spawn
- Destroy the axis command post command post


1.Prevent the Allies from capturing the Siwa Spawn
2.Prevent the Allies from destroying the Siwa wall
3.Prevent the Allies from lowing the dropzone fence
4.Prevent the Allies from from reaching the dropzone and from calling air support
5.Prevent the Allies from loading the artillery gun
6.Prevent the Allies from rotating the artillery gun
7.Prevent the Allies from firing the artillery gun


Secondary objectives:


- destroy the waterpump to prevent the allies from using the tunnel
- call air strikes to prevent the allies from reaching the dropzone
- build the command post
- Destroy allied command post command post


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