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About This File

Map Type:OBJ
Map Size:Large
Map Theme:Regular
(incl. Waypoints)


Author : Magic
Email : janerikstorseth@gmail.com
Release : 17-04-2016
Website : www.magics-territory.com


Game Information.


Game : Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
File name : raid_final.pk3
BSP name : raid_final
Menu name : Raid
Game modes : wolfmp wolfsw.
Players : 6-8 per team
Version : final
Attacking : Allies
Timelimit : 25
Spawntimes : Axis : 20 / Allies : 15
Install : Put the pk3 file into the etmain folder.


Story :
Axis are holding the library as their HQ -
Allies has decided to do a raid for the axis gold -
Escort the truck and force your way through the town to the library -
Steal the gold and escape


Important Information

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