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Mapname : Western Beta 1
BSPname : western
Released: August 2015
Version : First public release




Sheriff has put some Sabio Gang members in Jail after a long night of committing hostile deeds. The Gang in dark coats is up to free their Fellows.


If you decide your Fellows deserve their nights in Jail you can find multiple other ways to entertain yourself in the lovely Western town of Pegaso Pass.




1] Destroy the Gunsmith's door
2] Steal two packs of Dynamite
3] Steal a Detonator
4] Prepare the Detonator!
5] Activate and defend the Detonator for 30 seconds!


1] Don't let them destroy the Gunsmith's door
2] Don't let them steal two packs of Dynamite!
3] Don't let them steal a Detonator!
4] Don't let them prepare the Detonator!
5] Disable the detonator before the 30 second timer runs out!




Use g_moverscale 1 (default value) or otherwise the Cart will not work correctly.
Use pmove_fixed 0 and normal settings. The trickjump is tweaked to regular server with adrenaline.


Put the pk3 file into your Etmain folder.


Delete the pk3 file from your Etmain folder.

What's New in Version Beta 1


  • Beta1:
  • -Added LMS mode
  • -Added sounds to make objectives clearer
  • -More trickjumps
  • -Included waypoints to ZIP, Thank you {WeB}GANG$TA


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