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UJE rotterdam xmas 1.0.0

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About This File

UJE_rotterdam_xmas + waypoints ( and a script included ) 1.0.0


The Allies have liberated the Harbor of Rotterdam and are using
it's valuable ports.
The Axis are attempting to reclaim the city by stealing top secret
war documents from the Allied Cargoship, and transporting them out
of the harbor with a stolen boat.


Axis objective:
*Capture the flag
*Destroy the power generator
*fix commandpost
*Build the Ship Bridge
*steal the secret document
*Steal the Boat
*Escort the Boat


Allied objective:
*Capture and Hold the flag
*Defend the Power Generator
*Prevent Axis from building a Ship Bridge
*build commandpost
*Prevent the axis from stealing the secret document
*Prevent Axis from escaping with the boat


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