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UJE_00_xmas 1.0.0

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Axis must repair and steal the tank in Boozaka Town
They have an initial 15 minutes to complete the task.


There is a spawnflag inside the barbershop. Any team can capture the flag..
Players from any team will spawn in Boozaka Town when their team owns the flag inside the barbershop.
When the Axis have escorted the tank into the tunnel,
the spawns at Boozaka Town will be forced Axis, and the flag will disappear.


The Axis will also gain 10 minutes of extra mission-time when they have escorted the tank into the tunnel.
For the Allies it is crucial to hold the flag at Boozaka Town for as long as they can.


The Axis must escort the tank to the Ammo/Fuel-building at the other end of the tunnel.
The tank will start loading ammo when it reaches the Ammo/Fuel-building; This will take 30 seconds to complete.


The tank needs to be refueled with 8 fuelcans.
There are 3 locations where a total of 8 fuelcans are stored (3+3+2).
All fuelcans have to be delivered inside the Ammo/Fuel-building.
Hint: Use your map to locate the 3 fuelcan-stations (press "G"). If a station is empty, it will not be shown on the map.
When all fuelcans have been delivered at the Ammo/Fuel-building, The Axis gain 15 minutes extra mission-time.
The fuelcans will be used to refuel the tank.
The refueling of the tank takes about 48 seconds to complete.
You can see a fuelcan disappear every 6 seconds until the storage is empty


Hint: The Axis can destroy a wall to get easy access to the inner of the Spinner-fortress.


After refueling -¹-, the tank must be escorted to the river outside Spinnertal.
The Allies can build a barricade to force the tank to take a different route to the river.
There are actually 2 paths the tank can take.
It depends on the construction of the barricade which route the tank decides to take.
The long route. The shorter route:


There is a spawnflag at the Old Skool. Any team can capture this flag during the entire mission.


When the tank reaches the river, Axis must build a 3-stage bridge , and escort the tank into Braboheim.


Hint: The bridge can NOT be destroyed when the tank is on the bridge.




Free drinks and games at the [uJE]Cafe
Be careful on the birds..
Pyranhas are not always hungry
Speedboat for fast transport from dock to dock
Analog clock
Tank-MGnest locking (tunnel & bridge)
About This File

set g_missileSpeed 0
Description Sets the speed a panzer/bazooka missile travels at. Set to 0 or 2500 to enable default speed. Values over 300 are ignored if Guided Rockets are enabled. Parameters Type: integer Default: 0

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