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River Port Beta 1

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About This File

Map Type: OBJ Map Size: Medium Map Theme: Regular Attacker: Allies
// Mapname : River Port B1
// BSPname : river_port
// Released: November 2016
// Version : Beta1 /// 7th Version



Allied intelligence have found out about Axis testing V2 missile in one of their Submarines. While the missile could be launched underwater it would be devastating to New York, London and other Allied Capitals. A group of Allies special forces are sent to sabotage the mission and use the Axis weapon against theirselves.




1] Escort the M8 Greyhound to the road facing their Headquarter
2] Destroy their Anti-Tank Gun
3] Destroy their Tank Barrier
4] Breach the Headquarter Entrace with the M8 Greyhound
5] Send a false command for the Axis U-boat to come to port
6] Steal the V2 Launch Code and secure it into the U-boat Controls
7] Construct a V2 launch hack at the U-boat Controls
8] Launch the V2 missile from the U-boat Controls


1] Stop them from escorting their Tank
2] Defend the Anti-Tank Gun
3] Build a Tank Barrier to prevent them getting over the Bridge
4] Protect the Headquarter
5] Don't let them use the Radio
6] Protect the V2 plans
7] Deconstruct any hacks at the U-boat
8] Don't let them use the U-boat