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[UJE] Temple X-Mas

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About This File

'UJE Temple X-Mas' is part of 'UJE Xmas Maps' mappack.


Several snowmen, christmas trees and another xmas decorations added.


Bsp name: UJE_temple_xmas.bsp


Pk3 size: 32,5 MB


Allies objectives:
• Primary: Build the Tank Bridge and escort The Tank.
• Primary: Destroy the 1st Tank Barrier.
• Primary: Destroy the 2nd Tank Barrier.
• Primary: Escort The Tank and destroy The Temple Doors.
• Primary: Destroy Wooden Barrier in the sarcophagus room.
• Primary: Steal the Gold Crate and deliver the Gold Crate to Tank.
•• Secondary: Capture The Flag at the Ruins of the Church.
•• Secondary: Construct the Command Post.


Axis objectives:
• Primary: Construct 1st Tank Barrier.
• Primary: Construct 2nd Tank Barrier.
• Primary: Construct the Wooden Barrier in the sarcophagus room.
•• Secondary: Construct the Command Post.
•• Secondary: Construct MG Nest at 2nd Tank Barrier.






Xmas maps pack


This pack is made for xmas to have a nice feeling with these days
Maps in this pack are:




If you use these mappack then i hope you have fun with it.


Thanks to all original makers of these maps and for making these .maps public.
Also thanks to all model makers like ischbinz and berzerkr for textures.
Keep the game alive guys and girls.


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