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About This File

sharing my spawntimer and spawnscripts, you can add it easy to your cfg:


- extract all files to etmain

- either write: "exec copy_to_your_cfg.cfg" OR copy the code from copy_to_your_cfg.cfg to your main config.

(Make sure the bound keys arent used twice, otherwise it may not work)

- start ET exec your cfg

- done!




Spawntimer for HARDCORE Settings (18/14 sec) or ETPro Competition Settings.

By default the spawntimes are loaded for Hardcore (you can change it to ETPro by default in the copy_to_your_cfg.cfg (it has comments)) or you use the bind (default: PGUP Select (displayed in Echo), POS1 Confirm selected.

Then you only need to press ENTER (change, if you dont like. i dont like it personally there tbh) and next to your own spawntimes it show a counter for the enemies. It also gives out in teamchat Axis/allies spawned to your teammates!


Spawnscript with location names: press F11 (or change it in copy_to_your_cfg.cfg) to select your spawn. Most of spawns are logic, means: you need to press it only once to do the right thing! :P



Battery/Adler: (Allies)Doubleclick on Spawnscript lets you spawn in first position (dont do it if you dont know where sprint key is!)


Oasis: (allies) spawn at ammo

(axis) spawn at first floor


Enjoy or gtfo!