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Norwegian Battery Beta 6

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About This File

Story: its the late summer of 1943 and the axis are loosing control over the north sea. The allied has noticed that and a new power is growing in the allied forces. The allied high comand has desided to use the new mobility over the north sea to attack german bases in norway.

But before they can start the offensive they need to destroy a battery so they can get close into the rocky beaches with their battleships..


Mission: the allies need to unlock the battery with a keycard and then destroy the guncontrols.


Map by oVe - TheWolfTeam.

What's New in Version Beta 6


  • B5 to B6:
  • *new grass thats split the area outside the east bunker entrence
  • *fixed commandmap text
  • *lower ambient, better feeling (ambient 10)
  • *gravity 790, makes you jump about 2 inches higher in etmain
  • *tested in n!tmod also (silEnT, no quarter)
  • *fixed the sky a little bit higher to allow 1 more trickjump