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About This File

Here my ET config, nothing special but I'm often asked for it. I use it for Jaymod, Silent, ETPro.

For ETPro and Silent I also use class and spawnpoint selectors for each map, will upload them separately when I got them sorted, it's a mess :P


So here are 3 config files included:



binds.cfg (Place your own keybinds in here)

scripts.cfg (At the end of each script is the respective keybind)


Additional Settings


Resolution: 1024x768 + 8xMSAA

Display: Refresh Rate 120 Hz


Mouse: Logitech MX518

DPI: 800

Windows Sens: 7 / 11

USB Port: 500 Hz

RInput 1.31

Sensitivity: 25 cm / 360°


Important Information

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