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It may be past the witching hour but then fat children are hard to kidnap




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Well despite a twitchy eye and a feeling to sleep, I have indeed just read the Donation Thread (This thread here) and mmm i do like the sound of


3. You can have your own personal rank on forums, increase PM box size, change in display name on your wish, etc.


Particulary, Ive always liked the idea of chaning the personal rank on forums such as PB and IP. Makes you stand out no? As for the PM i always felt it was an issue in bandwidth; i know many many a forum limited to 100 pms mx and ive always felt a shame to have to delte the old threads Me? Im a classic hoarder. Cant throw anything away, but today i did mange to chuck out nearly 4 stones worth of old school work and it did knida feel good. At the vbery least it will free up some space ^^ As for the change in name, I only ever use two names - F257 and another on several, shall we say adult and slighty dubious (? ) sites. Indeed, quite how this name arose is a mystery; certainly i wanted to join a foruum at the same time it was my very first forum to join and i didn''t want to forget my username. My own popular belief is that F257 arises from the first intial of my first name - Francis - 27 from my house number (too much info? ) and 5 number of people i count in my family (even if that does include a half-brother). Im one of those people who like to find symbolism and meaning in things - like when you your afraid karma is going to come back and bite you on the ass - so i decided to sandwhich the 5 inbetween the '2' and '7' as though to keep the family of 5 safe. Strange no? :P


Taking a look at the donators list (Here) its certainly nice to see people that care. Admitdley i dont recongise a fair few names - certainly i belive KILLERGUN, Dermir and Kinan play on COD (since hardly any of our members play BF2 lol. I try BF1 once - celerons arent' cut out for it i found, and certainly flying things is hard without a proper joypad lol ^^ ) . Looking at my name does bring perhaps the most eventful of my FA memories in recent months.


Ill admit the donation came out of guilt really. It was a silly inciddent really . I rember messing round with Pepe (great guy - i think i cursed ourt relationship because he dissapered soon after this >< ) and jokingly i said to him 'You know, Dare sleeps in money' or something like that. Nothing serious, and certianly nothing meant to be spiteful , just some throwaway comment like perhaps ' You know Simon Cowell likes to play teddy bear picnic (Maybe he does ?)' . Its not really true , both know it and just say it for absurdity of it. Of course , jokes really only work if both parties are on same level and unfortunatly my sense of humour seems to be on a diffrent frequency to others at time. A case in point is when i manged to piss off Skull on NQ when i joked he liked cats too much. I think we made up, but i can never be sure. Hence i keep bugging Baska if we're still kwl lol . Hard to read Interent emotions.


Of course too do this day i do feel bad. I dont think our realtionship has ever been the same (><) and i do miss Pepe. Saying the latter indeed makes me want to write at least the names of thos that have come and gone. This then is a list of thise that were once are brothers and still are but in memory only . These are AWOL and or inactive for long time (or else i havent seen them long time ^^)







Quick (quit)

Fred (Banned)




Ladyluck (Gone)










To add to this i will also add the list of meber i know who have in the past been a FAG regular (well.. i saw them playing in FAG at least :P) and or member. Kinda amazes still the amount of players who moved here. My apoligeis if i have missed you off list















Sex and toys




Warmongrel (if its the same guy im thking of :P)

Marbles (Ditto)

Spl@sh (Ditto ditto)

GIJOE (Ditto x3)

Savage (Come back and play...)

Dead (Didn't he go to COD?)

hester prynne (Appernlty)







Xeon (Apperntly; thoguh he's left)


And further still we get other regulars like Iceman Quebec and Koba playing here


So here's to you . To those missing or gone , we wish you come back, or else in good health. To those that have made the transition its proof you dont meet your friends (and enemies!) on just the one server. And to thos who have gone off the rails we wonder why!


But to all the players and admins of =F|A= ...a message to say thank you , for contuning to help make =F|A= what it is ; the best damm server i know thus far





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lol I will increase your PM limit to 300. I am using 300 PM limit and I will add you to my grp ;)


All oldies are still around. Some don't talk cos they bitched and left. I don't even bother to see what they are doing cos I have tons of things to do in life and I can help much more players rather then thinking what few old morons (who got banned) are doing.


Last time I heard Fred was crying on some random forums that why I played on Etpro with Rapist and all but I actually liked playing with Rapist and all... He even said I hacked his PC to which I lol'd cos he is not a millionaire and hacking his lame PC doesn't make any sense lol. He failed to understand we don't allow admin abuse like some random noob clans.



Stalker - Busy with his life. He still logs on MSN on regular basis. Seems like he got new gf.

RomanceXMafia - God i am talking that mofo right now and he wants to post and can't need to fix his permissions lol.

Granny - He prolly joined another clan.

Subvert - Don't see him playing anymore.

Inf - He still plays on ETPUB.

Quick (quit) - He is around.

Fred (Banned) - LOL admin abuser and a good person with bad mind .. what u can say lol..

AndyExpandy - His OS X doesn't allow him to play.

Dead - Having PC issues. He is around.

Grim - He is prolly busy with his job.

Ladyluck (Gone) - On xfire. She is around.

Ackmey - Busy and taking break. Check forums on regular basis. PM spam him.

Dead - You again mentioned him. You are in love with him

JamJam - He is on ETPUB on random basis.

Elf - He joined some another clan and is still plays.

Sushi - He is back from vacation. Plays from cyber cafe.

Wala - He still plays :P

Dot - Always on F|A #2

Pepe - U scared him away. I blame u hehe nah if he loves u he will be back :)


LOL this is what romance says..


[21:56] romancexmafia: woooh well surprise suprise f257.. im back :P

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Lol thanks for the info! This reminds of something i need to do for you, though how long it'll take is a perfectly reasonable question. Ive never been good with doing jobs on the right time ; maybe this is why my school grades have always seemed average lol <_< But anyways , yeah i ticked the lock box. I had no idea what it did and since it didnt stop me editing i figured it may be to do with the cooments, but then medic posted on a locked entry earlier and so i figured it was nothing . Opps ! Lol about that hack comnment ... ROAR allows guests to view threads ATM. Its on This thread though really the drama started on his ROAR intro thread. Its nice to see that Romance stilll round, and that others are still around at least :). And thanks once again. Hope this last week will remain my last week for good for at least the next few months or else Im in trouble hahaha . Maybe i should stop playing now ? I failed miserably wehn i was preparing for my exams , wish is never a good indication :lol:

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