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Entry 77 - 113 (+ Some extras missed from the last post)




77 - Got a new hobby today, dying. (Not actually death of course, otherwise I wouldn't be able to post these entries). I have a tendency to get shot. Or burned. Or blown up. Luckily Gus is fine.
78 - Sent to hospital after a panzerfaust blew up in my face. They recommend I remove my Lucky Panzerfaust Magnet for some bizarre reason. Declined the offer, wearing it while I heal.
79 - Still in hospital, most injuries don't disappear in a day.

80 - Hospital hit by a panzerfaust, no idea why. There are no Germans about and we're miles behind friendly lines. Witnesses say it flew over the hills beside us all the way to the hospital.
81 - Relocated to another ward.
82 - Released from hospital, they seem to think that bleeding profusely from my face is not bad enough to stop sending me to the front.

83 -  Walter failed me today, only had four shots instead of six. Two were blanks. Ended up with a face full of Karabiner 98.
84 - Walter restored my faith in him, took out 4 Krauts with one lot of rounds.
85 - Eddie (Edward) got hit by an explosion, he's been sent back for repairs. In the meantime I get Stanley the STEN.
86 - Haven't had Gov lead for a while, maybe he's retired.

87 - Just noticed I have a very bad case of bleeding profusely from the face, seems to have been around for 5 days, funny that...
86 -  Forgot to mention we got a new officer. He called arty on us again and was immediately shot.
88 - Fired a Panzerfaust I nicked from a German, blew up after being launched, must have hit an invisible wall placed by God. Back to the hospital.
89 - I apparently have a lithp now. Not thure why. Thouldn't bee too much of an ithue.
90 - Thtill in Hothpital.
91 -  Doctorth thtitched my fathe and now it hurtth to thpeak. They claim it thould cure the lithp.
92 - Thlept
93 - They removed the stitches, I don't think the lisp is cure, stuck with it for life. Woe is me.
94 - Eddie came back from the workshop. They've also given me Stanley for my service. Apparently going back to fight after going to hospital five odd times, and after being a POW is impressive.
95 - In remembrance of my first Radio, I shall give him a name. Rupert, may he rest in peace.
96 - Forgot to breathe at one point, a field medic had to help teach me again.
97 - Got a medal for my exemplary service after fighting as the last one from my squad in a hold out battle to slow the German advance. Eddie ran out of bullets, Stanley got dented, Walter suffered some fire damage and Gus saved me from an explosion. After they found me, they congratulated me with a slap on the back (Or well, on a broken Gus) and gave me some Scotch they smuggled in.
98 - Gus was repaired rather quick, Stanley still being "undented".
99 - Officer called a Typhoon Strike on a house some Krauts were holed up in, the Typhoon crashed into it after a Panzerfaust hit its wing. Saved my life though, it was heading right towards me.
100 - Looked back at some of the older entries that got posted. For some reason they removed Entry 23 - 30. I'll rewrite them here.

(Previous entry was me on the hunt for a radio. No need to open that entry set now)
Entry 23: I'm seeing visions of Radios, I think I might be going delusional.
Entry 24: Crossed a lake, saw a radio in it, but it was German.
Entry 25: The Radio vision led me to a German supply base, going to see what I find.
Entry 26: This is a long one, so I'll start from the top: I went to snoop around the supply base I found (Now referred to as SB) when I came into contact with an opposing radioman. I smacked him with my axe (Queen sends her regards) but left his radio (German make of course). I went to move in but was spotted by a sniper, to hide from him I went behind some gas barrels. Unfortunately, he seemed very dense so kept firing despite no line of sight. In fact his mate MG also joined in. This caused the barrels to set alight so I dived out the way into a bush. The barrels then exploded causing a chain reaction. The barrels' explosion caused a truck to explode which caused an armoured transport to explode which did not cause a tank to explode but did explode the Flak 88 next to the tank, which caused a house to explode, which must have been filled with more fuel as it then blew up a shed full of munitions which then blew up another one, who's door flew off and destroyed the guard towers while the explosion destroyed yet another shed which cause a chain reaction, causing all of the walls around the SB to collapse which cause the radios to blow up (but they were German anyway) which left me standing in a bush, in a Kilt (Just pulling your leg, I was still in uniform like a decent man) in the middle of a destroyed SB on scorched earth. Short version: complete waste of time, no Allied Radio.
Entry 27: Met a French Gentleman on the streets, he didn't have a radio.
Entry 28: Radio
Entry 29: Radio
Entry 30: R.
Entry 30.2: A.
Entry 30.4: D.
Entry 30.6: I.
Entry 30.8: 0!

(All caught up)

101 - Found some dark liquid I think is some sort of French Beer, those on the front aren't supposed to drink, but Gus really needs something to calm his nerves.
102 - Turns out the dark liquid wasn't French Beer, but an impure oil reserve. Might explain why it was in a giant tanker and not a bottle.
203 - Not much happening today.
104 - The last entry had a typo, it was supposed to be: 103 - Not much is happening todat.
105 - The last entry had a typo, it was supposed to be: 104 - The last entry had a typo, it was supposed to be: 103 - Not much is happening today.
106 - A storm broke over and I couldn't use my radio. Cause some PTSD from the dark days of Entry 19 to Entry 33.
107 - Some guy asked if there was an "end card achievement for PPK kills" I was gobsmacked! End card achievement for the PPK? No good meaning Ally would use a German handgun, disgraceful.
108 - Also concerned what he meant by "end card achievement". Is there some sort of competition going on that I didn't know? What is the prize? Do I get something to decorate Gus?
109 - Didn't win any tournament but I did find a nice shell casing that split to form a bird shape. Goes well with Gus.

110 - Had a nap at 2:30pm (GMT) today. First on in ages. Father would be proud.
111 - Apparently being able to run forever is superhuman and I shouldn't be able to do it.  These chaps are just jealous at my fitness.

112 - One of the lasses in the group managed to get 30 head shots in a row. Pretty impressive. Glad I took binoculars with me today.
113 - I do say, it's been a while since we've had peace, eh chaps?



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