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Entry 113 - 137




114: Been pulled from the front for a while. Apparently keeping someone on the offensive for a couple years straight is a bad idea.
115: Nothing much to say about today. The sun did what it does, which is take blooming forever to cross the sky. Can't wait until I can Radio again.
116: Snuck into the supplies depot to have a chat with Gus.
117: Was arrested for sneaking into the supply depot, having a trial tomorrow.
118: They found me guilty of trespassing but not of theft (Since I took nothing), had a pay cut.

119: Joke Machine broke today, nothing more to say.
120: My ability to perform is in question. Apparently talking to a Radio is weird. I see people do it all the time. Sometimes it replies back!
121: Was playing some sort of card game with the lads when a Panzerfaust shot flew into the middle of the camp, a foot from me. Somehow I survived along with everyone else. Thank my lucky Panzerfaust Magnet.
122: Decided to write a book alongside the diary. Not sure if it will get anywhere. The lads certainly don't think it will.
123: Still on reserve duty. Managed to convince the higher ups to let me wear Gus about.
124: Disaster struck today, I dropped my tea. Been given time to mourn.
125: Still in mourning.
126: Recovered from the tragedy that struck. Gus provided comfort the entire way through, some people gave me weird looks.
127: Been reported to HR by an assault with a radio for being "of my rocker". They're going to have an official examination.
128: Saw the Ghost of Steven Foster, and this is what I told him as I gazed into his eyes: Shove off, I'm in the middle of a medical examination.
129: Been pulled from the fighting fully, is this where my journey ends?
130: ...
131: ...
132: ...
132: R

133: A

134: D
135: I

136: O

137: !



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