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Entry 1 of diary: I can't remember the first time I took up the radio, 'twas a while from now since. Officers are rather competent and I try to stick with them, like a good radio man!
Entry 2: Not much different from entry 1, got shot in the foot when I dropped my rifle though. This is why I don't trust semi-automatic weapons.
Entry 3: Got another bad officer today, kept calling Arty on our team. There was a mutiny and he was "reassigned" to other duties. I think they shot him.
Entry 4: Reassigned to a new group, by the nickname "Fearless Assassins". Considering this is a war and none of them seem to be assassinating people, I think only fearless applies to them.
Entry 5: Saw one of the lads take out a shovel and bludgeon to death 12 Germans. Gotta say, pretty impressive.
Entry 6: Got a new gov, he is inspiring and effective with the radio supports, certainly killed over 100 in the span of 10 minutes.
Entry 7: Haven't seen the officer today. Did see the wrong end of a barrel though, I think this head injury will take a while to heal.
Entry 8: Sent back into duty, was happy to find gov there. He doesn't call me by my name, but eh.
Entry 9: Radio got shot out, need to buy a new one. Turns out, they're not bullet proof, just very good at stopping small small arms.
Entry 10: Shot my foot again, need to stop picking the semi-autos.
Entry 11: Officer was recovering from an unfortunate accident including a pot, a German and an axe, so I had to run without one. Used smokes to advance but ended up alone as everyone else died.
Entry 12: Got lost from the main force, stranded in German held territory. Sent a call for help, but the Germans tracked the signal and so I took a leisurely stroll to a POW camp. Very nice lawn.
Entry 13: Escaped from the POW camp and recovered my radio, score! Still lost though. I think I'm close to the sea, but I can't tell. Patrols keep forcing me to change direction.
Entry 14: I can smell another radioman nearby, off to see if I can find him.
Entry 15: Turned out to be an assault with a radio. A real cop out. Either way, good to see another friendly face.
Entry 16: Found an American advance force, so joined up with them. Unfortunately the officer called arty on us and we suffered major losses. I feel like I've met him before.
Entry 17: Got bazooka'd by a engineer while trying to have a civilised conversation with a German officer. I survived somehow, but it went red and suddenly I was unable to move at all.
Entry 18: Some weird tournament results blocked my eyesight, I think I might be in a movie.
Entry 19: Turns out I was just under the influence of Radio Poisoning, need to get a new one as the last one leaked.
Entry 20: Looking for a new Radio.
Entry 21: Still looking
Entry 22: As previous
Entry 31: I can smell one, it's close now.
Entry 32: Met Gov again, was sad I was unable to provide a radio, still on the hunt.
Entry 33: Met the German officer who died again. Unable to provide a radio.
. -. - .-. -.-- / ...-- ....- ---... / ..-. --- ..- -. -.. / .- / ... --- . / .. ... ... ..- . / .-. .- -.. .. --- --..-- / --- -. .-.. -.-- / .-- --- .-. -.- ... / .. -. / -- --- .-. ... . / -.-. --- -.. . .-.-.-
. -. - .-. -.-- / ...-- ..... ---... / ..- -. .- -... .-.. . / - --- / -.-. .- .-.. .-.. / ..-. .. .-. . / ... ..- .--. .--. --- .-. - --..-- / - .... . / .--. . --- .--. .-.. . / .-. . -.-. . .. ...- .. -. --. / -.-. .- -. .----. - / ..- -. -.. . .-. ... - .- -. -.. / -- -.-- / -- . ... ... .- --. . ... / --.- ..- .. -.-. -.- / . -. --- ..- --. .... .-.-.-
Entry 36: Got a new radio, all I had to do was sign my soul to the devil (In reality, I just filed a report and got a new one, but the Higher Ups make it feel like I've gone back in time to 1916)
Entry 37: Went back in time to 1916, not sure how to get back.
Entry 38: Still stuck
Entry 39: Made it back to the present, I tried to get an officer to make a call, the world broke apart and I wound out back to where I should be. The Germans who I appeared beside weren't too happy.

Entry 40: Used the radio to call in an artillery strike then used the explosion to rag doll me back to friendly territory.
Entry 41: Back with Fearless Assassins, been a while, they're happy to welcome me back.
Entry 42: An officer tried to call me over to use the radio but a flamer got to him first.
Entry 43: Has a house party with some senior members in FA in the kitchen of a house we were defending. The oven did not last long enough to bake the cake as it got hit by an artillery shell.
Entry 44: Mistakes were made and now I'm in a field hospital.
Entry 45: Somehow managed to shoot myself in the knee with my knife while at hospital. The Higher Ups want a word.
Entry 46: Got an updated radio, no change in function, it is just a slightly darker shade and has some numbers stamped into it. I've called him George.
Entry 47: Sorta annoyed at how I don't have headphones with my radio, so whenever the HQ says something, all the Germans hear. Might have to make an investment.
Entry 48: Was denied headphones, reason: The other people need to hear it too and the Germans can't hear it anyway. I find that hard to believe.
Entry 49: Annoyed that I can't take a Vickers with my Radio so I've taken an Ithaca instead.
Entry 50: Switched back to rifle, more effective overall.
Entry 51: Assigned to gov again, I forgot to mention that a lot of the officers in this group is very competent due to my focus on gov, but he was my NCO once more today.
Entry 52: Rifle suddenly aged 5 years and is worn out. Still works fine though.
Entry 53: Became Scottish.

Entry 54: Turns out, setting krauts on fire causes them to burn to death. An effective way to do this is with the White Phosphorous smoke grenades, so I've re-evaluated my view on them and decided they were offensive rather than defensive.
Entry 55: Turns out, chemical weapons are a war crime.
Entry 56: Turns out, I can claim WP is being used purely as smoke and that if they happen to walk into it and burn to death it is their fault.
Entry 57: ib walked into a WP smokescreen, Rest in Peace.

Entry 58: Just realised no one knew ib. He was a very good bayonetter. New term I've coined.
Entry 59: In remembrance of ib, I've attached a bayonet to my rifle.
Entry 60: Still need practice with bayonet, keep accidentally cutting off the antenna of my radio.
Entry 61: My radio died. We held a small funeral.
Entry 62: Got a new radio, I'm calling him Gus.
Entry 63: Gus saved my life today, stopped a knife hitting my back, I shall have to get him a medal.
Entry 64: Apparently it is weird to name my equipment, Edward the Lee Enfield disagrees.
Entry 65: Ran out of ammo, switching to Walter the Webley.
Entry 66: Officer called in supplies. Only took 8 people constantly "Requesting Ammo" for him to get the hint.
Entry 67: The last officer was shot by a sniper, he may not have been perfect, but he was courageous.
Entry 68: Another one of the great Officers from FA led today, I should probably mention them more.
Entry 69: Saw a ghost, turned out to be my first ever radio. I miss him.
Entry 70: Lost my helmet to an explosion so I was given a hat, this will certainly protect my skull.
Entry 71: Turns out the hat is as hard as the helmet, go figure.
Entry 72: No officer today, got shot a few times, Gus made it through safely though.
Entry 73: Beach landings are getting tiresome now, we should probably actually advance.
Entry 74: Was arrested by Military Police for trying to bayonet charge the enemy on defence, at least I didn't randomly die.
Entry 75: Release and got Gus, Edward and Walter back.
Entry 76: This war is dragging on, innit chaps.

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