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Where I've been for the last month or so.




Hi guys,


Some of you may have noticed that I've been MIA for about a month or so, if not a little longer. I started having problems with my muscles about six months ago. Right calf had severe pains.. I thought it was a blood clot. Had hallucinations (was seeing cats that weren't there, gold dots floating around, things moving.), memory loss, and other random stuff.. But clot tests and a MRI came back fine.. Didn't think much of it, because the doctors I went to said I was fine.


One even told me I was on bath salts. Was the only explanation in her eyes. Of course, I don't do drugs, especially not bath salts.. Have heard of enough soldiers murdering people on the local base here while using those. So, I figured maybe I was just getting lazy or something. Or I wasn't exercising enough, even though I walked four miles every day. One doctor said it was due to a lack of stretching and my achilles tendons were too tight.. Said if I tried to play rugby, I would not be a happy camper. Was possible.


I got back into guitar a couple months ago, and was running drills pretty hard to catch up on it, since I haven't played it in a year or so. Was playing piano stilll though, so it wasn't like I was completely out.. Did all the proper stretches for it, got rest when I was tired, usually. After about a month, my four fingers on my left arm completely stopped working. Thumb was fine.. And for a couple weeks, I couldn't figure out the cause. I figured I just shredded my extensor digitorum. Was similar to what happened to my leg.


During that time my left thigh muscle started failing me horribly. Was still usable, but with extreme pain and weakness. Prayed about it and decided to do my own research and found that magnesium serum tests that they use here are useless.. Since it checks the blood level, but it's mostly stored in cells and bones, not blood. Increased my dietary magnesium (read: Ate a LOT of unsalted cashews and high magnesium mineral water.) and things started improving, slowly.


Was able to use my fingers again about a week and a half ago, but was still very sore. Same with the leg. Ordered some supplements for magnesium glycinate last week and a ton of things have been improving drastically.. Can feel, even see, my pulse in my wrists, I don't overheat easily anymore. Even lost nearly 20 pounds in a week. Guess I had a pretty severe deficiency. Am still randomly tired some of the time and get the occasional massive headache. But is said that it can take up to six months for a full recovery.


Once my hands were somewhat useable again, about a week and a half ago, I started a project for a song. Will be my first one for sale. Am hoping it will be ready by the 12th. Am doing my best, God willing, but will see what He has in mind. Am also trying to ease my way back into ET now. I've played a bit over the past couple days. So, progress is happening. ^_^


Hope to see ya guys in game soon. :)



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Good you did some research yourself!! I am very worried about the quality off the doctors in your surroundings. I mean, you could have even gotten worse.... Wierd people, scary. Glad you are recoverring. ! See you on the field

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