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  1. Finally set up in Colorado. :D Is a much different world out here.

    1. RedBaird


      I heard that Colorado had a Tornado! :) We get weak ones in California, nothing to make the national news media. :D

    2. Radoria


      Yeah. Eastern Colorado is actually all plains. Basically Nebraska and Kansas over there. Was two really close to where I moved from in KY last night too. Weather is crazy lately. :)

  2. Ghirardelli Intense Dark Hazelnut Heaven is made of win. Also German Chocolate Cake. All of the german chocolate cake.. With extra coconut pecan.. Ahem, sorry.
  3. Headin out to Colorado tonight. So I won't be online for a couple weeks. See ya guys when I get settled in. :D

    1. bo0m


      Enjoy m8!

    2. St0rmSlaSh


      I have always wanted to go to colorado! Have fun and drive safe :D

  4. This link works for me. That's gonna be a lot of kevlar. xD
  5. Eh, for that kinda stuff. It's more about nostalgia. They seem to average about 10 bucks on ebay. But it was a pretty common card. The more rare something is, the more it can be worth. For instance, a working 486DX4 processor can still sell for 50 bucks. But the more common 486SX is going for 10. 100mhz for the DX4 and 25mhz for the SX. Not a noticeable difference outside of Win 3.11.
  6. Found an interesting article on one guy's experience with that processor. http://www.overclock.net/t/289573/my-experience-overclocking-the-q6600-a-basic-guide-walkthrough But I agree with RendeL on it. I'd only recommend overclocking for fun. Not on your main computer. Unless you really understand the concepts and really need to squeeze every bit of power. Would need an aftermarket cooling solution at minimum. And even with that, if a fan stops or thermal paste dries out while you're not looking.. That'll be the end of the processor and possibly the mainboard too. Or even a small fire if the voltages get really out of range.. Safe voltages depend on the current state of your processor. From wear and tear to manufacturing defects. So you'd need to do a lot of testing with slowly raising the voltage incrementally and making sure it stays stable and at a safe temperature with each step. But if you get passed all of that and have a stable overclock. (Good temps, no random lockups, or BSOD) You'll still be looking at a reduction in cpu hours. And your electric bill will go up a bit. All for a fairly minimal gain in performance. Other things you can do, if you haven't already. Is go through and disable services and such that you aren't using. Windows comes with a lot of background noise. Can also disable animations and other hardware accelerated features of the windows ui. Is a lot of info on the net about what each feature does. Clean out your startup list. Remove unneeded programs. Keep your drives defragmented. That stuff alone will give you a pretty decent boost and lower the wear on your cpu and drives. Congrats on the new computer.
  7. Got a new hard drive in. Don't have to worry about flagging bad sectors anymore. :)

  8. Spybot is still supported. Definition updates and stuff are ongoing. Forums are very much alive too. TinyWall uses Windows Firewall features. Just makes it easier to manage. More of a wrapper than an actual firewall. And has some extras like currently open and recently blocked connections and their states. There's also arguments for each type of antivirus. Avast gets good test results. And I've been using it since it came out, so have some bias as well. Hijack This is mostly just an analysis tool. I figure it's always good to have more data if something goes weird. Are they required? Probably not. But I find them useful.
  9. Always wonder what other people are running around here. Computer: Main: MSI 760GM MicroATX CPU: AMD FX-4130 Black 3.8GHZ Quad Core Cooling: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO RAM: Corsair Vengeance 1600MHZ 8GB GPU: GeForce 210 1GB HDD: 2 failing Seagate 1TB drives.. Soon to replace with 1TB WD Black. (That five year warranty sounds nice.) Monitor: Dell 1440x900 OS: Windows 7 Ultimate Net: 50MB Cable (That just became available last year.. I live in the sticks.) Utilities: CPUID HWMonitor (fan speeds, temps, etc.) Microsoft Network Monitor (Trace data packets.) Avast Antivirus TinyWall (Firewall Management) Spybot S&D (Malware detection/Immunizations.) Hijack This (Program info/Malware detection.) Puran Defrag (Better than Windows Disk Defragmenter.) Dropbox (Data backup. Not much space, but convenient. Good for syncing project/code folders with a symbolic link.) Winrar (Not free.) (General file compression/Encryption.) 7Zip (Zip format compression is a little more efficient.) Daemon Tools (Not free) (Image mounting, writing, editing, etc.) Media: VLC Media Player (Video Player) Winamp (Music Player) Firefox (Web Browsing.) Thunderbird (Mail) Foxit PDF (Lightweight PDF reader) Sumatra Reader (Reads everything else. CHM, djvu, etc) Development: Blender (3D modelling) GIMP (Free Photoshop) GraphicsGale Free Edition (Low feature pixel art editor.) Visual Studio 2015 Community (C/C++) Netbeans (Java) IDLE (Python 2.5 and 3.5.) Notepad++ (Great text editor.) Minecraft (Not free) (Seriously. Heh. Good for level and terrain design ideas with Carpenter's Blocks. Also a fun way to do Lua scripting with ComputerCraft. All while goofing off.) Music: FL Studio (Not free) (Also quite a few plugins for it both free and not.) Tux Guitar (Useful for quickly converting midi to sheet music.) Sonic Visualizer (Audio Analysis.) Virtual Audio Cable (Shareware) (Stream audio between different applications.) AP Tuner (Tuning instruments through mic.)
  10. The wall. It's alive! D:

  11. Can add links to a toolbar just under the address bar too. View, Toolbars, Bookmark Toolbar. Then either right click and hit New Bookmark or just drag the page onto it. Then ya can get back in one click. If it's too big, just hide it again when ya don't need it. https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/bookmarks-toolbar-display-favorite-websites
  12. Yes, Skindo, let us do so!

  13. Youtube has a ton of good series. Google is good for specific answers. Stackoverflow has a ton of great information. There's also a site.. http://symbolhound.com/ that lets you search code symbols. Google will filter that stuff out. You can learn just about anything you want for free with a bit of effort finding articles. Here's one to start ya out.. The Benny Box. Guy is pretty amazing. https://www.youtube.com/user/thebennybox/playlists I learned quite a bit about 3D graphics and physics from that guy. He does Java and C++. Even LWJGL and actual game engine tutorials. The Basic Java Development tutorial might be what ya need to make sure ya have the basics down. Is a ton of information out there, so is easy to get overwhelmed. Just master the basics and move on to bigger stuff when you feel comfortable.
  14. Something like a decision tree might be useful to ya. Is an explanation here.. Akinator uses a form of it. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/13649646/what-kind-of-algorithm-is-behind-the-akinator-game It asks a series of questions and rather accurately finds the person or character you think of. And a link to Jacksepticeye playing Akinator. Loud volume warning.

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