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Movie Review - Interstellar

rajaah thunder


I am having a bad cold today so I guess this will be short . Yesterday me and my school friends organized a get together and then we went to Interstellar . I had been a fan of the Luddite ever since I saw memento . And I have been waiting for this movie since I saw the trailer . Well I ain't surprised to say that I was wowed by the movie . But I am surprised to say that I understood most of the movie with one watch itself . Theory of Anti aging still confuses me though :/ . Anyways , top notch acting , great music , supreme rendering of a black hole were awesome . I just wish it was in 3D though . The portrayal of emotions and the occasional robot humor makes us feel like we are with them . The only deterrent might be the length but I never felt bored even for a second ( I hated the intermission ) . Anyone who likes space or human survival stuff will love this movie . The ending reveal is the masterpiece though we would suspect it beforehand . OK guys now I gotta sleep and so this is the end .

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the "theory of anti-aging" or relativity can be pretty hard to get a grasp on.  Basically, as it applies to this movie, the closer someone is to a large amount of gravity, the slower time moves relative to someone not being in that heavier gravity.  To both people time seems to be moving as normal, but when compared to each other, the one who has been in the higher gravatational field will have appeared to have aged more slowly than his counterpart.  So, when they travelled near that black hole they experienced time at at slower rate than back on earth.   Or, as they travelled at speeds accelerating towards the speed of light, they experienced the same result vs their counterparts back home. 


NASA has done some experiments proving that this is true.  They have taken two atomic clocks, both set for the same time.  They left one on the ground, and the other they put up in a high altitude plane.  When the plane landed, the two clocks were not showing the same time.  The one on the ground had moved a bit slower than the one at high altitude because the one on the ground was in an environment of more gravity (closer to the earth) than the one at high altitude.


Also, an object that is accelerating experiences the same differences in time relative to an object that is stationary as those objects in higher gravity environments vs low gravity environments.  Acceleration is equivalent to being in gravity.





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I really liked this movie! Hans Zimmer is a musical genious (as always), and I felt the music made as big of an impact if not more than the acting. The robot humor was definitely needed to relieve some of the 'stress' and the jokes were very well placed and many were clever. I really do wish they had it in 3D.

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