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  1. FURY

    TBH when I heard there was a movie out about a tank crew, I thought 'whatever' ... sounds boring. I was WRONG! Every main actor on the crew did an AMAZING job, each has their turn at an emotionally explosive scene. It was very well done.
  2. Recent book you've read

    Am curently reading The Sword Of Truth series by Terry Goodkind. Only on the second book, but I really enjoyed the first one. Interesting setting: most of the populace doesnt seem to have any magic...but those that do so far are really powerful! Makes for an interesting story.
  3. Movie Review - Interstellar

    I really liked this movie! Hans Zimmer is a musical genious (as always), and I felt the music made as big of an impact if not more than the acting. The robot humor was definitely needed to relieve some of the 'stress' and the jokes were very well placed and many were clever. I really do wish they had it in 3D.
  4. Favourite Beer

    Yeps, hard liquor for the win. I can do shots like a pro. Beer makes me sick EVERY TIME.
  5. Recent book you've read

    Just started The Wizard's First Rule... book one of the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind. Not too bad so far
  6. What was the last movie you watched?

    INTERSTELLAR!! Christopher Nolan and Hans Zimmer for the win.
  7. Favourite Beer

    I don't really like beer. So my favorite is any crap that doesnt taste as much like beer... Bud Select, Bud Light LOL. You know, all the stuff you beer connisseurs think is gross!!
  8. My birthday

    Sorry i missed the real day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
  9. Wildlife Photos.

    OMG did you take these photos yourself?! What a beautiful wolf... and is that some kind of little falcon?
  10. Why hello there.

    Hey and welcome!
  11. words of wisdom that may bring a smile

    HAHAHHA, Jack Sparrow.... classic
  12. Most annoying special zombie?

    Hate to agree with the crowd, but the jockey just sucks. LOL.... there you are, doing okay- keeping a normal distance from the mob. SUDDENLY THERE IS A LAUGHING, UGLY THING ON YOUR FACE MAKING YOU RUN THE WRONG WAY!!!! At least they are easy to kill.
  13. The Walking Dead

    Just watched the premiere and second episode last night. SO GOOD!! Man did they want to show the audience they were going to bring it this season. Way to show 'em they're f-n with the wrong people, Rick!
  14. Dragon Age Origins free on Origin

    OH yes, Insquisition is SOOOOooo close!!! I cant wait. I hope all the characters are as individualistic and cool as in the priors. And that the graphics dont get worse at the end of the game like the first. HEH
  15. What I would do if I won $30 million dollars....

    What I would do if I won $30 million dollars. Hire a financial advisor. Put some into stocks/bank whatever and live on the intrest. Pay off my house, all of my close relatives homes, student loans etc so no one has any debt Pass out $1 million bucks to my closest friends so we can hang out and never work again Find a charity Im really passionate about and donate money. Walk around at Christmas time just passing out $100 bills to unsuspecting people. Buy a house on the waterfront somewhere-- maybe two houses. Get a little sail boat. Have a stable with horses. Hire someone to take care of all the crap of every day life so I dont have to worry about it.