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Review - "the Butcher"






Tartan Video - 2009 - 75 Minutes - Not Rated - October 30th, 2009



So, today, I had some time to check out something that I acquired recently, the Korean horror film, The Butcher. Of course, seeing some dude in a pig mask brandishing a chainsaw, I knew that this was going to be interesting. Ok, it's basically a mockdocu showing a group of snuff film makers, discussing ways on torturing their 4 victims for a good movie. Victims have helmet-cams strapped to their heads, while the crew walk around with hand-held camcorders providing different POVs in the film showing the perspectives of the victims, as well as the crew taping their terrifying ordeal. Shortly into the movie, a couple gets dragged off into a room, covered with blood-stained plastic, where they meet the main guy the crew call, "The Pig".


I have to say, what a movie. When the caption on the movie poster says "Brutal", and "Shocking", it means it. Not really as much gore and puke-fest like other films in this type of horror genre, but it is definitely a disturbing ride. The playoff in the character interaction is what really drives this film, as the victims cry and scream as "The Pig" delivers his own brand of "film-making" techniques.


One of the main let-downs is the lack of a plot. Not much to go on, other than 4 victims being tortured to death, just for the crew to sell their videotapes overseas and make a quick buck. It's a twisted film, but in the end, it left me with a depressing ending. Had to go watch something more family-oriented, trying to get my mind off of "The Butcher".


Not something to watch with the family and dog. I didn't enjoy it that much, but in a way it affected me unlike other horror films.



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For some reason I don't like to watch SAW type of movies lol.. I feel they are boring dunno..


lol this is straight up torture porn here. easily tops Saw.

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lol this is straight up torture porn here. easily tops Saw.


Never watched any SAW series. They were god damm ugly lol

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Dare just look Animal Planet, Discovery Channel or National Geography, by the way in the last 2 channels you can see naked boobs uncensored!!!

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