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Samsung will unveil the next Galaxy phone May 3rd in London



Samsung will unveil the next Galaxy phone May 3rd in London


After months of rumors Samsung has officially announced the world will meet the Galaxy next phone in London on May 3rd with this invite, first received by Dutch site Tweakers.net. While most speculation will immediately focus around something we're expecting to arrive as the Galaxy S III, the BlackBerry World spoiling invite we received is conspicuously devoid of details like name or specifications. While we'll keep the address of the Samsung Unpacked event to ourselves, the only other information included is the date / time (2PM ET) and the address for a live stream on Facebook. The original Galaxy S and GS2 are already million sellers unit many times over since first launching two years ago and have led the pack for most of Android this time, so what Samsung wants Thurs to top itself this time? (Answer: not 3D, and it's probably a little too late for another continuum-like gimmicky split display.) There are just 17 days left until we find out for sure.






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