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  1. Maybe get some FA together to play duo and squad matches. Will add my steam info tonight when I get home.
  2. Also the !rules need to be updated.... some crazy stuff shows up when you check !rules..... Thanks!
  3. Just installed this game, thought I was doing good till some dude ran over me in a dune buggy
  4. B3 Commands: http://bigbrotherbot...n.html#commands
  5. 24 players on this afternoon... good times!!!
  6. Hey 4fun, It's been great having you on lately. There is a group that likes to stack their team but generally guys are pretty good at using the auto assign. I usually switch to the undermanned team when things start off lopsided, will be great to have you doing the same. Not much fun for either team when one is totally dominated, always better to have a good match. There should never be an issue with being banned unless you are breaking the rules. Admin are very good and we have lots of experience to draw on when reviewing player demos. Shoot ya later,
  7. thanks guys, the big 5-O today, feeling my age but not acting it yet!
  8. Its TODAY, Happening Now!
  9. The language filter seems to be fixed, just tried it out and did not even get warned.
  10. muummipapa is working on the cursing filter, not sure what the "spam" tempbans are about? Can you explain this to me so I can pass the concerns on?
  11. Hey Bow, thanks for your comments. We decided on the Killstreaks server to see if we can re-invigorate it. The most popular COD4 server on gametracker is a modded server and it's busy ALL the time. Killstreaks server was modded last year (with a lot of effort from a few of our admin) and though there were a few minor bugs/annoyances, the game format is great. The server will be tweaked for our gameday(thanks to muummipappa) and I believe with F|A's philosophy and active admins this server has tremendous potential. Hope you will be able to attend!
  12. In case anyone missed this in the Site Announcements section: Thanks to Reavyn for making this awesome poster!!!! =F|A= CoD4 Gameday! F|A is pleased to announce the first COD Gameday of 2017! This will be held on a changed killstreaks server with all perks available again! And not only that, over the course of the gameday we will also be changing some gravity and possibly even speed settings! So do not hesitate and come join us on Sunday January 29th on our Killstreaks server! Gameday name: F|A COD RESPAWN Game Day: January 29th, 2017 Event Time: 9AM to 9PM PST (Seattle / LA) 12AM to 12PM EST (East Coast USA) 6PM to 6AM GMT+1 (Paris) Gameday Server: F|A New Killstreaks Gameday IP: Teamspeak: ts.clan-fa.com:4666 Please respond on this thread and let us know what hours you are available to attend. If you can assist with our promotion efforts by using binds in-game to advertise this event it would be appreciated. Any suggestions for making this day a success are welcomed.We would like to have at least one admin in attendance at all times during the event to supervise and control the game variations. Any admin that are attending and willing to help out, please respond with the times you are available. We look forward to seeing all at the F|A COD RESPAWN!
  13. And...... its the name of my boat. 3 Daks!

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