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So, what to say here?




OK, this is a blog.


My blog.


Well, fancy that.


OK. I'm getting myself off track. Where was I? Where am I? Have I got pants on? Yes. Good.


I'm not entirely sure what to say here, apart from general ramblings about different things, which is essentially what a blog is, right? Look - I'm shouting words at the internet. CAN. YOU. HEAR. ME?


Guess a follow-on from my introduction thread. I'm 26. From Ireland. For now. This could change within the next couple of months/year, because alas, there just isn't anything for me here, not if I want to move on in my life and actually go somewhere good.


Somewhere good. Where's that?

Where I'm earning money - actual money - and I don't need to think, "OK, do I really need that jumper, that game, or even that bottle of Coke?" Yup. I'm just that broke, believe me, I know the annoyingness of it.


This recession has hit Ireland pretty bad. But seemingly we were constantly lied to about just how bad it is by our politicians and the media. According to my sister, who works for a TV company in England, we were only being told half the story. It's like where ever you go, it's all people talk about; how broke they are (yes, I acknowledge the irony of my complaining about that), how angry they are, how depressed.. yada yada. It's no wonder that in the West of Ireland we have the highest suicide rates of males aged 18-25 in the whole of Europe. The. Whole. Of. Europe. An area that isn't even that big. Something is wrong there.


But I digress. I mostly digress, actually. It's become a hobby for me. A pastime, heck, it's pretty much become my occupation.


Speaking of which, I have a phone interview with this great company located on the other side of the country, in Dublin, which would be a great place to work for, but the job itself is vague, plus it was trainee in the title, so if it turns out it's either unpaid or not paid enough, I'd have to turn it down. By not paid enough, I mean enough for me to survive, enough for me to have a living. I've done the whole surviving on peanuts thing and it ain't for me anymore.


But life ain't bad.

Life is good.



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You got style, maybe try some writing for a living.


Thank you for that. I'm actually an amateur writer and have been doing so for pretty much my whole life.

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