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History of my web skills.




People often ask me how I became well skilled at making websites. Well it started when I was nine. For school we had to make a simple website by an online educational company. Very simple. The first results are born. In that time after me and my friends liked some teen game (I believe is was that chilidsh Habbo) really a lot. We wanted to start a fansite about it. With some help of my uncle I placed my very first file on a plain document. After reading tutorials I learned to make some basic stuff like tables. By looking at other websites and reading a lot was the best way to learn it. After a time we wanted to start some forum. In that old days I downloaded phpBB (the old v2) and started to look at it's source. Way too difficult. ;) Again, by reading tutorials and looking at scripts, I learned how PHP works. Since 3 years I also started to make websites for some pocket money which worked. And now, I'm making plans to learn some more languages. :)



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You story shows huge difference between poland and west. You're teling that you started making websites when you were 9. At that time I was 11. I remember that my parents bought me a new computer when I was 10 or 11 but they installed interned connection 3 years later. I started learning programming (basics of html/css, php and mysql) in highschool (I was 16).

As you can see, huge difference :P

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My story is almost the same as yours Sceam, didnt have a PC till 11, Internet at 12 years old, So I don't think it's a difference between Poland and West but that Mattle just went to a f*cking cool school :D

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Hehe, well I was always obsessed by technics, already when I was a little boy. My grandparents still have some where an old MSdos computer. Very modern in those days. ;)

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