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The beginning of the weAsel-age part1




Long time ago, a naughty old weasel was running trough the wild world. he was searching for a sexy weasel-lady and tried everything to get one. ahhhhh years over years he asked the other animals, "youre a weasel-lady?" "no?" "hmmmm you know where is one?" "no? "ahhhhhh..." but its a lucky world, one day he found one. over the years his balls were growing up huge as hell. poor guy xD but now he had the chance to get smaller balls ... the weasel-lady was surprised, she was ugly and then such a good looking weasel wants her .. wow ... they did it in the first night behind a tree. after 1 minute the male weasel said, "ahhwwww good, empty and satisfied ^^ bye bye you ugly weasel-lady" and he jumped over a road near the forrest and got smashed by a truck wih many red / white lights. was it the coca-cola x-mas truck?

the weasel-lady was scared and ran into her cave. after a short time, she screamed. "the damn weasel-a§$&%! i am pregnant!!!" a few weeks later, it was the december 24th a shy "bähhh" came out of the cave. 3 guys who love to rape woodenholes were running trough the winterforrest and heared that. they followed the "bähhh" and came to the cave. one of them watched into the cave and he saw the weasel-lady with a small naked "kid" in her arms. "wtf" the man said ... cuz the little "kid" farted and smiled over the whole face. then the "kid" jumped out of the cave and gave all 3 guys a huge asskick. "wow" they guys said, "who are you?" and " damn how you came into the cave?" i am the majestic weAsel! bow down and show me my b-day presents, cuz i have b-day today! the guys were perplex ... 1 one gave his laptop to the kid, 2 one gave him his headset and the 3 one gave him his mouse. LOL why does the guys have this stuff in their bags? in a forrest? to explain that will be another tale. after that the guys started to sing a b-day song for the kid. hmmmm but the kid wasnt satisfied ... they sucked. so the kid killed em all. with a riflenade :D TRIPLEKILL!

the weAsel-kid said goodbye to his mummy and left the forrest. he found a nicely place in germany and put on his headset, started his laptop and fingered on his mouse ... and screamed out loud:




the weAsel-age begins!


be prepaired, tomorrow he will show you all his adventures with the borgs, han solo and the damn pokeball ... take a seat and snuggle with your partner, it will be a porno-adventure-thriller-tale!



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