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Madras College (Views)

Cpt Fudg3 Cak3



Went there for the first time today and I can safetly say that the school is falling apart even more than my old one. One pretty good example of this was today when some people were happily walking up a ramp to get into the modern languages department when it collapsed under their weight :lol: Pretty funny I know. Everything is also so overly complicated. Just the class room layout is just plain confusing. Class names such as Q1 and L3 which refer to nothing. :confused Ah well I think i'll get used to it. Just good to have a laugh at the decrepit building. Its good now that were seniors because were trusted a little bit more than the "squeakers" down at Kilrymont. So all in all it's good to have a change of scenery even though it's moving from one pile of **** to another. Also the school is close to SUBWAY! :yahoo


P.S my new chemistry teacher is actually mental. He was saying that his elephant weighs 500,000 hamsters. I know WTF!?



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lol that last sentence umm where does he keep his "elephant"

Sorry I don't have the mental capacity to understand whats going on in that crazy mans mind. He also talked about buying iron nails....

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that teacher of yours must be freakin crazy, his "elephant" weighs 500,000 hamsters what is that guy thinking!

He was telling us today that he was opening up the gate to sumland.... And he was taking the piss out of a teacher that had a posh voice. Mr MacMillan is such a character :lol:

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