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Cpt Fudg3 Cak3

Went there for the first time today and I can safetly say that the school is falling apart even more than my old one. One pretty good example of this was today when some people were happily walking up a ramp to get into the modern languages department when it collapsed under their weight :lol: Pretty funny I know. Everything is also so overly complicated. Just the class room layout is just plain confusing. Class names such as Q1 and L3 which refer to nothing. :confused Ah well I think i'll get used to it. Just good to have a laugh at the decrepit building. Its good now that were seniors because were trusted a little bit more than the "squeakers" down at Kilrymont. So all in all it's good to have a change of scenery even though it's moving from one pile of **** to another. Also the school is close to SUBWAY! :yahoo


P.S my new chemistry teacher is actually mental. He was saying that his elephant weighs 500,000 hamsters. I know WTF!?

Cpt Fudg3 Cak3

Well on the matter of 800M I believe I lost the race against my arch rival (No joke), Jake Todd because the track wasn't flat. I don't even think it can be classified as a track to be honest. Up hill struggle on the final 100M. WTF is going on?! Anyways I won 2 years in a row and I'm not 'too' fussed about letting Todd win (Apart from the fact I want him dead). So our school is split site so half way through the 6 years of high school we move up. Just a week and a bit until I hit that marker. Looking forward to it since there will be less whiny b*****'s and ten times better places to get food! So glad to get away from a falling apart school that is pretty much wrecked into a more clean and relaxed environment for learning. BTW heres a pic of the school I'm going to! :yahoo


:thanks for reading!

Cpt Fudg3 Cak3

Well everything was going fine until 6:00. I found out that my dog had had a huge chunk of his ear cut out by my moron mother. He needed stitches and so went to the vet. My dog, Jarvis, is now fine but slightly doozy and isn't allowed to scratch at his stitches obviously. So when my step dad got back we went to go collect Jarvis from my Grans where he was kept for a few hours. There I have to sit and listen to some bullshit about a garden centre for 3 hours or so. On the way back my dog was sick on me and the first thing my step dad said was "Did any get on the car?" Now I don't know about you guys but that shows a lack of care in my opinion anyway and a higher priority for the car than me. So we go to pick up my Mum since she was finishing pretty late. There my step dad comments on how Jarvis was sick and blamed it all on me saying it was "The way Jason was holding him" I felt like I was three. I know I'm not an adult yet but you don't have to put me down like that. I'm a human being too! So anyways on the car trip home I remember I needed some stuff washed for tommorow to go to M&D's. I had planned to get it washed and tumble dryed at about 6:00 but thought that going to see my dog was okay was higher on the agenda. So I mention this and I ask "When we get back can I use the washing machine to get some clothes washed for tommorow?" The answer I get is from my mum which was as follows "Oh you should've told me earlier", speaking down to me "I could've got that done for you." I know the message was nice enough but if you heard the tone it was that you would use to adress a todler. So I sit furiously with dog sick on my trousers on the car ride home. I know this is quite pathetic but I almost burst into tears since I am always treated in this manner. I know I should ignore it and the bulk I can handle but this just took the biscuit. Im really sick of this and REALLY want out of this damn house but I have gained shelter in my room from where I am typing at this moment.


So the outcome of today is:

Im totally not prepared for tommorow

I particularly hate my step dad (again)

I now don't particularly feel like doing anything but I wanted to get my feelings out there.


Sorry about the outburst but thats how it is at the moment and I feel that shit is treated better than me.

Cpt Fudg3 Cak3

Didn't do much at school basically just breezed through everything. I did find out that i'm pretty good at softball and I got 3 or 4 homeruns. Looking forward to tommorow since we get a suspended timetable and we get to go on some trips for 3 days which is awesome.

Im going to M&D's tommorow.

Thursday is Knockhill Go Karting

And finally on Friday I'm going to do some shooting.

Looks like a decent week since i've only got one day of school since I had a migraine on Monday

:yahoo All my exams are now done and i've got a few results nothing really unexpected and i got the marks I wanted so everythings :yahoo

At least life isn't shitting on me for just a week.

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