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Madras College, St Andrews

Cpt Fudg3 Cak3



Well on the matter of 800M I believe I lost the race against my arch rival (No joke), Jake Todd because the track wasn't flat. I don't even think it can be classified as a track to be honest. Up hill struggle on the final 100M. WTF is going on?! Anyways I won 2 years in a row and I'm not 'too' fussed about letting Todd win (Apart from the fact I want him dead). So our school is split site so half way through the 6 years of high school we move up. Just a week and a bit until I hit that marker. Looking forward to it since there will be less whiny b*****'s and ten times better places to get food! So glad to get away from a falling apart school that is pretty much wrecked into a more clean and relaxed environment for learning. BTW heres a pic of the school I'm going to! :yahoo


:thanks for reading!



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