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Hobgoblin - not as warm as a Jack but sure sounded nicer




Mmmm...Reading Baskas comment bout beer makes we want a bit of tipple. But not beer, oh no. Icky , dislike taste of beer and lager (shouldent 't i be doing something more productive than this? Oh dear ...) I do like cocktails though. Something fruity mind. Mixing absinthe and tabasco source is not good idea . So something like a woo woo? Something not particulary masculine i know, but still ... My first drink was a Jacks. No idea why - too strong for me lol. But i have enjoyed it since. Kinda warm and fuzzy. No idea whether i should sip it or down it though lol . Been experimenting since - i cant seem to find something i like. So far i like WKD; basically vodka flavoured kiddie stuff. Not particulary strong but taste ok. Had Archers the once; one of the sweetest (as in opposite of sour sweet) drinks ive ever had. Hardest thing i had to drink was a Hobgoblins. The ad promised something along the lines of Choclate Malt .. hmm really i shoulden't be so trusting or naive to think hot choclate lol. Still, forced my way through it because i didnt want to waste money. Hmm.. the worst thing was a very cheap bottle of wine , followed by very strong brandy. Two drinks i didnt finish in one night oh dear. I will have to come to the conclusion I ll never get wasted . These days i have J20 (fruit juice basically) , and maybe one vodka mix like apple and vodka. Or else coffee. Na im not the life of the party me but hey at least ill be the one who can get home in a straight line ... :lol:





(Right time to work...)



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My fav beer is Miller,Corona,Heineken or (polish beer) Warka Strong... my fav drink is Vodka & RedBul :D even more vodka is better :P....

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My fav beer is Miller,Corona,Heineken or (polish beer) Warka Strong... my fav drink is Vodka & RedBul :D even more vodka is better :P....


lol i like red bull and vodka bt its so expesnive when itd be cheaper to just buy a bottle of cherry flavour vodka (here anyway). I can only really enjoy it tohugh when its double vodka at least; or else you dont taste the alchol :lol:

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