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Downloaded Screensavers Slow? Easy Fix!

Posted by Chuckun, 10 December 2011 · 1,871 views

screensaver pc windows slow lagging fps
Downloaded Screensavers Slow? Easy Fix! Ok I got bored of junk default screensavers and wanted something with a little more class.. And despite not being much of a fan of Macs, I do LOVE their screensavers..

So I proceeded to find the Aurora screensaver and Flurry screensaver for Windows! Nifty!

But, both of them were getting literally 2-3FPS... Even on minimal settings.. WTF?

Wanna know the GENUINE fix for this issue on downloaded screensavers? Change the file extension from .scr to .sCr - I'm not kidding.. Try it for yourself.

I still hardly believe it myself, but I tried it and it genuinely 100% fixed the problem.. If I rename it back to .scr, it's slow again.. I have NO IDEA why windows does this (especially since its OWN screensavers are lower case .scr...) but it's genuinely a reality!

So there you have it.. Windows can't read its own file extension properly unless you randomly capitalise the 'c', despite the default ones not needing it.. Bizarre.

I wonder how did someone figure out a solution like that. Crazy stuff.
Tell me about it.. It's why I decided to make this blog really.. It almost put me in a coma I was so dumbstruck.. But I like these little weird and wonderful discoveries so I'm gonna blog about them from now on :P
Stuff like this makes me nuts. Literally. My Ocd sometimes kicks in and i get stuck in a loop thinking " ok that will fix it but 'why is it like that?' anyhow good stuff to know. Like your blog btw. :)
Tell me about it.. I really want to know WHY it makes a difference.. I could understand if it was something where .png wasn't as good as .PNG because it's initials for Portable Network Graphic.. but .scr clearly stands for scr-eensaver.. So why the hell would capital C make ANY difference?! ARGH!
This doesn't seem to make any sense at all...

.scr to .sCr makes it faster?
Probably the weirdest thing I've ever read in a while haha

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