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Calling all machinists!

- - - - - cnc programming work related

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Sgt Assault

Sgt Assault

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Hey guys. I need some help. I've come to the sad realization today that my boss has no interest in helping me learn or even teaching me how to write mazatrol programs. We run Mazaks so all out programs are written on the machines, in other words, no mastercam or anything like that. Cicione sells mazaks and knows about them but I see he hasn't been on in awhile. Does anyone else know how to write programs and/or could direct me to a book or website that I could play on to learn. While most people eenjoy standing around and gettinnf paid 14$ an hour to do nothing but wait on the boss, if much rather be able to do my work on my own. (Naturally the pay raise would be nice). I know a little. But hardly enough to really write a full (or partial) program. Btw hope I put this in the right spot on our forums. I don't post often due to no internet (other than my phone/mobile hotspot) of not I'll delete it.but any and all helpwould be AWESOME!!!!!
Btw spell check isn't my friend. Sorry if you can't decipher my childish request for help. Please ignore and move on if you cant.

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Audie Leon Murphy

Audie Leon Murphy

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Hello Sgt. Assault. I' m a machinist also but am not familiar with Mazaks, I use Mastercam for everything (love it). You could check out Practical Machinist web site and they should have a section on Mazak programming. Better yet, tell your boss to get Mastercam. It takes a little time to learn but its worth the effort.



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Hey Sgt, good for you taking the initiative to learn Mazatrol.  The little I know about it is that it is not the greatest tool for programming. I like the idea of buying mastercam or Mazacam. Your best bet is to scrounge around the shop for the mazatrol manual or disk.


I did find this online, maybe it helps?



Good luck



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Maybe not a huge help but many Community Colleges are offering a CNC certificate programs. I know that Mazatrol is part of that program at our local Community College.  My nephew just finished that program (he got hired before he finished the program).  These are "work friendly" courses, meaning they are mostly at night and weekends.  Since they are certificate programs - the course work is only related to what your doing.  No standard core classes like english or math.


In Virginia, we have several programs like this that are "Workforce Development" programs.  The State will cover part of the cost of your classes.  Some of that program is Federally funded so it may also apply in other states as well.  

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