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  1. Nice One! Award added. That shot ties you with the unofficial record set by Salverius. That can't stand- somebody has to break 12!
  2. I believe the award was intended for just fragmentation grenades. However, the rules state: 5 kills (including assists) with 1 nade will be given this award. Since the rules don't [currently] specify what type of nade- I'm gonna give it to you . Plus - you were smart enough to put in your application and participate in the awards in the first place. So... Good Job and Congrats!!
  3. - For FA#1 coop: Mr.Karizmatic with K/D: 51/0 - For FA#2 HardCore: Carbonautics with K/D: 63/0 - For =F|A= #3 PvP Combat: Krusnik87 with K/D: 5/0 Monthly awards added! Nice job guys!! Special Thanks to Krusnik for keeping track of everyones progress and posting the winners!
  4. Award added and congratulations! Thats an impressive shot. We don't have an official record for highest kills, but In reviewing the prior posts- it appears that you are now the current "unofficial" record holder!!
  5. Award added! Nice work! ( thanks for highlighting the kills in your screen shot )
  6. So sorry for your loss Cham. That's a lot for anyone to process. Hang in there brother!
  7. Heya Slacks! Welcome! Glad you made it to the forums!
  8. I played it before when it was just a community based Insurgency mod. I think there were only 1 or 2 servers that were running it. I was also lucky enough to snag one of the first Alpha test keys. It's come a long way and the Beta release a couple weeks ago offered some much needed fixes. The DOI server list continues to grow each week. I however really dislike how NWI has seemed to have just stopped working on and updating Insurgency. It appears they are putting all their effort into DOI. As far as us getting a DOI server going, right now it would be no different than our existing Insurgency servers. We first have to put together some folks that can help manage and run the servers. Narug0 has been out of commission for a few weeks with a busted PC. He was the only one with the technical knowledge to configure and maintain the servers. With his absence, we've come to a bit of a stand still. I'm continuing to try and learn more about both Source Engine and Source Mod as I've had time. I just haven't had much time lately. If we could improve our support and technical personnel, it would be cool to maintain our Insurgency #1 CO-OP server. Maybe consider dropping our our # 2 server ( to better focus on supporting and promoting server #1 ) and switch our # 3 PVP server to a DOI PVP server. We would then have coverage on both game modes of CO-OP and PVP as well as both game versions of Insurgency and Day of Infamy - which would give us a solid presence across the whole platform.
  9. Going on my 10th day of the Flu. Enough already!

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    2. Krayzie


      Go into one of my clinics and help me with job security ;) I'm sure I got a couple in your area lol.

    3. Kevlar


      I spent 6 years and untold thousands of dollars getting my wife through Nurse Practitioner school and what do I get for my trouble? "Well, there's nothing I can do for you. It'll pass in a few days - stop your bitching"

    4. Krayzie


      Hahahahahaa. That is hilarious!

  10. Kevlar


    Hey Bud! Glad to see you here!!