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'A Nightmare on Elm Street'

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i need to watch that shit :D ... fo sho im gona shit in my pants .. cuz that was the only horror movie i was ever scared since i was lil girl ....

ohhh and since i start that topic ----> is there any horror movie u guys r scared off everytime u watch it ?

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august underground - never going to finish or want to start again cos necrophilia is not my thing. i still get creeped out in that scene in murder set pieces where hes having head with her decapatetd head. Oh and i spit on your grave and 120 days of sodom are always not for the faint hearted. but i dont think the lattter and murder set pieces count as horror, natch...

As for the remake it looks good. Cant be worse than elm street 2 surely... 4 was the best in terms of scar factor out of all the sequels if only for that cockroach transformation. Poor girl. He was rather disgruntled that time wasn't he? :/



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I have several titles, classics, that every time i see them, it gives me some chills :P

Alien (first movie 1979), Hellraiser (1987), Friday the 13 th (1980),...



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i for sure amgonna go see this one, looks pretty good!

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