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Plane crashes into Pacific....hmmmm

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Ol Smoke

Ol Smoke

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This article said the plane ran out of gas.  I don't think so.  I think the whole thing was staged to show off that parachute.

It was a marketing scheme by the company that makes that big parachute for planes.


No pilot that I know, misjudges how much fuel his plane will need for a trip.


This is all BS.

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I think such crashes got too do with the lack of maintenance of the planes. But ofcourse they won't tell you that.


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just playen/RA

just playen/RA

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Planned or not it was still one hell of a ride down. I saw the video and have never seen anything like it before. Of course if nature wanted us to fly he would of given us wings lol.



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' This is your pilot speaking. The co-pilot bet me that I couldn't do a barrel roll in this thing. Hold on tight folks, because Micheal is about to be 20$ poorer. '

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