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Unknown at this point
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I wasn't yelling. I realize you have other things to deal with. My caps lock must've been on my apologies. I was just bumping it incase

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Ann![email protected]

Ann![email protected]

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Well to say true, causes of your issue are not really clear and if time allow us we will try to sort all this.. But as mentioned daredevil, it might be a routing issue.



Some things you might try in prompt command (with admin rights):


netsh interface ipv4 show subinterface (check the size of your MTU)


ping -f -l X IPAddress (X=MTU-28) The result expected is no packet loss or fragmented


netsh int tcp show global


take a screenshot of all this and post it


It's mine for example:





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Checked your lagometer screenshot.


Your green lagometer goes up and stays constant and then goes back down.


Something to be network issue on your side. 


If it would be CPU or HD you would see spikes in green line of lagometer but here it increases stays constant and goes up and goes down. 



Which does explain your ping increasing.


Check your router I would say. Are you downloading any stuff in background while playing?



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Unknown at this point
  • Server:Hardcore ET
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no I don't dl while I play games and  I turn off as many backround apps that win8 will allow me to.

here is that ss you asked for annibal

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