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Heeellpp meeee!!

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Heey i need some help. im playing at the jay3 server and im having problems whit my xp save?! ive tryed to download a new etkey and placed it in folder put it dosent work, and its not starting at 0 xp. it starts whit 150 :S and all my stats are full but not the medic stats?! enyone knows how to fix this then im very happy :D thx and keep up the good work!


peace!// :noob :lol

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i would like to link you through to this topic: http://fearless-assa...5-invalid-guid/

i also posted another link there, hope this fixes it.

about starting at 150 xp, with all stats full exept medic, those are the standard starting settings for the =F|A= jaymod servers.



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You just have to enable PB in etmain(when you start ET) and silent\jaymod\nq mods(click on them in ESC->MODS options to laod them)  pushing button Enable Punkbuster under "ESC->Play Online".

Alos run ET as administrator by RMB clicking on ET.exe and choosing "Properties" -> Compatibility and clikc on "Run as administrator".

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