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Sorry.... :(

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    Huge thanks to Vix. I love this!!!

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to all of my F|Ans ;) i know i havent been on servers much lately, well, in the past few weeks actually (months) but i am still alive. just havent really had the time to game much. plus ET took up a lot of my single player game time. lol. i still havent beat Batman Arkham Asylum or Tron Legacy -_- old games i know.....thats how little time i had to play single player games. but really i have been gettin off of work really late lately so i just eat while on forums then shower and bed. wake up and do it all over again. i also had the new baby so time has been short. pew you guys soon!!!

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*pissed in front of noble-fir*
You are lucky to be using work as an excuse. I sure as hell wouldn't accept any other. We're happy that you hazz a job, now all I have to do is get one too!
Come back when you got some spare time, and know that me and the guys miss you!

I'm still going to deliver on that Christmas picture! Bet on it, fag.



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Its all good, RL always gets in the way some how and it takes alot of your time just dont forget about US!!! and as long as u name your new baby hmmmm Mew! we will forgive you for not being around hahahah i kid, i kid but as long as your family is healthy and your healthy its all that matters

take care bud and hope to see you soon 8-)

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