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Conspiracy Theorists strike again!! This time with Comet Elenin

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You've got to give it to them, they're creative at best. Anyways...

There is a comet that was recently found late last year and is expected to come very close to Earth on October 16th, 2011 after lapping the sun. Conspiracy theorists have jumped the gun and concluded amongst themselves that the comet will create apocalyptic effects by being in close proximity to Earth and suggest that Hollywood even hinted about it.

The movie 'Deep Impact' tells the story of a young amateur astronomer named Leo who discovers an asteroid in the constellation of Leo. The US government, headed by a black president, dubbed the object "ELE"(Extinction Level Event) since realizing it's trajectory.

The current comet was discovered in late 2010 in the constellation of Leo by a young Russian amateur astronomer named Leonid Elenin(pronounced Eh-leh-nine) and thus has been dubbed Comet Elenin. Astronomers say we will get lightly "grazed" by it's tail as it passes by on Oct 16th when it will be closest to Earth at a distance of 0.2338 AUs.

The coincidences according to the theorists,...
First is the name of the astronomers, Leo. The tail that we will get "grazed" by obviously has debris, meteorites following the comet that will create an Armageddon scenario as the Earth gets showered and pulverized by the meteorite showers of the comet's tails. Incidentally, the name Leonid actually means 'meteorite shower'.

Secondly, the name Elenin is supposed to be nothing but Deep Impact's "ELE" acronym while 'nin' is ancient Sumerian for Goddess.Leonid Elenin = Meteorite Shower Extinction Level Event Goddess.Third, Deep Impact president & Obama(lul). The theorists blame the recent spike in natural disasters and massive animal deaths as effects of Comet Elenin.

So apparently, the name of the astronomer is nothing but a code and we're setup for doomsday while the government saves itself.

These guys should just make a movie already! Or was that movie Deep Impact!? Posted Image

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We're all going to die!!!



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2012 here we come!



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This is why I am all for abortion.



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The earth is gonna end in 2012 anyways, might as well be earlier. Oh there was a movie about 2012 as well :P



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Good job! :)...BBQ!



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Hey I think this is great!! Maybe we won't have to listen about Global Warming for a while.

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