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Hey Everyone!

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Unknown at this point
Hey all. Remember me? Listen, I made a huge mistake. As soon as something goes wrong with this clan, I'm putting in another app and i swear never to leave. But How is everyone?!? Havent talked to some of you in forever!!!!

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One thing bothers me about your post- if you feel leaving was a huge mistake why then are you sticking with cTx until something bad happens? It just sounds bad like we are seen as a back-up.

Other than that I am doing well. As you can see I have worked my way into a staff position but unfortunately unemployment is still trying to crush me. I have started working on teaching myself programming/coding. Well I will see you around the forums and/or servers.




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Welcome back :)

On side note, don't bother to re apply because your application will be rejected. ;)

Have a nice day.



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"I am going to say goodbye to being a F|A member. I got an offer to another clan, I love the servers, the clan. I made some awesome friends from the clan. I will stay on forums and servers some. Its been great, really like the clan as i said. Again im sorry. I will definatly miss the F|A in front of my name"

I think that you should be loyal to your new clan, if it is a bad clan well then make it better.I have heard that you have a high level on that clan so ill guess you wont have trouble.

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