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Flatbush Zombies

Posted by ~DRE*, in Rap Groups 10 June 2013 - - - - - - · 4,333 views
fbz, beastcoast
Flatbush Zombies Hello fellas, long time i don't do a damn post, being busy playing and study and i forgot about this :o

To continue the saga of Beast Coast, i will now introduce you Flatbush Zombies, another psychedelic, drug pusher rap group (ain't them all like this?), from Flatbush Brooklyn.
The group is formed by Erick Arc Elliott who produces all most every track o...

The Underachievers

Posted by ~DRE*, in Rap Groups 02 April 2013 - - - - - - · 1,843 views
The Underachievers For the first spot, a group i've been listening every damn day.

This group is called The Underachievers, a Brooklyn duo. Issa Gold (or Issa Dash, a more friendly name) and AK are the members.
They have a spiritual message behind their music, they are also some weed-tokers, and psychedelic drugs abusers, they believe that we all have a part of divinity in...

New blog in town

Posted by ~DRE*, 02 April 2013 - - - - - - · 1,406 views

Heya fellas, ya'll know I'm an hiphop head right? If don't, now you know.
I created this blog in hope that you can appreciate rap & hip hop, but real one not the brainwashed kind, and to show you guys some of the soundtrack of my life.
I would appeciate if you comment here your favorite rappers and stuff like that.
This is the place for Rap & HIPH...

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