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Obama the Destroyer

Posted by =Death Hunter=, 21 September 2011 · 525 views

Obama...where do we begin? Racks up more spending than all other presidents combined helping "us" and creating jobs for "us". Oh the first TRILLION didn't work we better spend another 500 billion that'll work. No. Get the f*** out of our country you socialist bastard. This is america. This is capitalism.

We don't want you're Obamacare government healthcare. We don't need job creation offices or bigger government. We need huge tariffs on goods. See the work come flying back in! You put 20% tariff on chinese and in less than 90 days you would see a job explosion. You couldn't hire people fast enough.

I don't see Obama being able to put up a fight in the next "landslide" election were gonna have here in the states in 2012. But I urge new, young voters to do some research. Don't believe their lies.Theyre all liars. But we can't go electing socialists and marxists into office. Not in America. Obama is intentionally running our country into the ground. It's there for all to see. Look at your paystubs. Tax tax tax. There's people in New york that pay 65% of their wages FIRST in taxes!!!! He wants it so EVERYONE is dependent on the government.

We are a nation of entruapenours and business people. We built this countr. We will endure.

This is strictly my opinion as a taxpaying american. Everyones entitled.

I leave you with this...

I see capitalism as a big pool. As we get bigger we expand and build the walls higher and re-inforce them and keep them strong. In obamas world he thinks everybody is eual no matter if they don't work and suck government cheese from the taxes us hard paying americans provide for the sick and extremely poor. He thinks we should distribute money by over taxing the rich. It's capitalism baby you work hard for it you can have whatever you want in this country. In his socialist world I see it as a pool with a dep and shallow end. You can take water from the rich (the dep end) and distribute it to the shallow end (suckers and thieves) but the pool never grows. No growth = shit.

It's those little things

I dont like Obama either but FA Forums is NOT place for politics (and religion)

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