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ETpub !shuffle command


I know there is another post about this, but I'm interested in seeing if the code for shuffle can be changed, and how I would go about doing that. I think it's silly that the player with the highest K/D ratio should always be placed axis, both because it's boring to always play on team, and also because axis is usually defense, and I think that offense should be stronger as they have to beat the clock while defense just has to delay.


I know a fair amount of C/C++, which I believe is what the code is written in. I tried looking on the ETpub site and saw something about a nightly build, but wasn't sure how I could get a hold of that code to look at. I figure it shouldn't be too difficult to add a small statement that alternates which team gets the higher players. Then I could either submit it to the ETpub guys, or you guys could just mod your server's copy if you agreed with the changes.


So, any advice?




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