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How to use TeamSpeak3

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Hey guys,


I haven't used TS3 in a couple years and so when I came back to it I was a little lost. Therefore, due to too much free time and no life, I have decided to create a simple walk-through explaining the essentials of setting up TeamSpeak.




STEP 1 : Download/Installation


To download TeamSpeak 3 : https://www.teamspeak.com/teamspeak3


1. Click on the link provided above.

2. Select Download located in the middle of the page.

3. Select appropriate client and click download.

4. Go in your download folder. You should notice a new icon that shows half a face wearing headphones.

5. Run the program as Administrator.

6. A wizard setup should appear. Refer to Image1

7. Follow instructions in the setup to Install.

8. Once installed, place a shortcut of TS3 on your desktop for ease of access.



STEP 2 : Setting Up Your Profile & Connecting to a Server


1. Double-click on the TS3 icon.

2. A window should open up. Refer to Image2

3. On the top right corner a drop down menu named CONNECTIONS should be present. Hover your mouse over it and select the first option "Connect". Alternatively, you can press Shift+S.

4. Another smaller window should appear with a number of empty fields.


Server Address : ts.clan-fa.com:4666 - IP Address

Nickname : FearlessAssassins

Server Password : n/a


5. To connect to a server fill in the fields as shown above. I have used FAs server as an example. Some servers require a password to connect to.

6. Additional Fields can be accessed by selecting "more" which will extend the lower part of the window revealing extra fields. These are not needed to connect to a server.

7. Click connect.

8. You should now be connected to the server.

9. You will be automatically joined to the Home channel. To change channel. Simply double-click on the channel you wish to join. Some channels require a password to join.



STEP 3 : Setting Up Mic, Speech & Other Options


1. Hover over the drop down menu "settings" and select the last option "options".

2. You should see a window showing a number of different utilities. Refer to Image3.

3. Click on "capture".

4. Start and complete the voice test provided in that tab to setup your mic.

5. Choose method of using your mic. Voice detection or push-to-talk are preferred so you are not constantly streaming sound.

6. Play around with different options to find which one suits you best.

7. Explore the other tabs and adjust settings to your preference to maximize the efficiency and experience of your time on TS3.

8. Select "apply" and "okay" to confirm your adjustments.



STEP 4 : Bookmarks & Other Features


1. Once connected to a server, hover your cursor over the drop menu "Bookmarks" and select "Add to Bookmarks". The server you have currently joined will be saved.

2. To access you bookmarks. Select "Manage Bookmarks". A list of all the servers you have saved will appear. Alternatively, press Shift+B.

3. Under the Tools menu. There are a number of useful actions that you may want to familiarize yourself with. E.g. Contacts, File transers.

4. To mute sound or your mic. Select the Self menu which should reveal those options.

5. To take action on any specific person. Right-click on their name. A list of available options will appear.

6. There are different levels of Admin Rights on the server. Once set, you will have access to unique capabilities on the server such as creating new chat rooms, banning and muting etc.

7. Explore the many functions that come with TS3 to ensure you are getting the best out of TS3.



These are the basic essentials and knowledge to use TeamSpeak3. To learn more about TS3 you can visit the TeamSpeak webpage which is accessible through the Help drop-down menu.


If i missed anything or if you have any additional information that you think should be added. Please PM me and ill edit it in.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy your time on TS3!




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