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Can't Screenprint


Hello all...I'm a recent applicant and used the stats from the server to get a screen print.  I guess that's not allowed.


Anyways, I've had help from a couple people but their suggestions don't work.


I tried binding the F11 key, I've tried Tab+F11, I've tried FN + PrntScrn...the last one took a picture but it cut off the score!


I want to comply and know it can be done...running Win7 Pro...64bit.



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Ok...got it.


Thank you to all that hung in there and guided me to the Promised Land.


Some really good instructions that I hadn't found on the forum..I looked.


First off, you have to run the game in Admin mode.  To do this you right click the ET shortcut symbol and select  Properties.  Next, select the Compatibility tab at the top.  Scroll down towards the bottom and there's a checkbox that says "Run this program as Administrator" and check it off.


Run the game.


Once in game set a bind by typing /bind F11 autoscreenshot then type /scores.  You could wait till the end of the round if you wanted to.  If you don't see your XP press the Tab key until you do and press the F11 key.  The pic will show up in the Silent folder and in a subfolder of that marked "Screenshots" whereever you installed ET on your PC.


BIG shout out to Fighter, Rendel and Danielle...Thanks for walking me through and putting up with a n00b.  Well, at least in performing this task!  LOL!!!

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