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[Insurgency-Source games] How-to increase performance by creating an "autoexec.cfg" file - Insurgency

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[1A]> Add "+exec autoexec.cfg" (without quotes) to your Insurgency desktop shortcut




*Alternative: Steam Library>Insurgency>SET LAUNCH OPTIONS...

*[see ~> 1B]


[1B]> Open Insurgency's

properties by right-clicking

on its library listing in Steam

and then clicking "Properties"


[1.1B]> Click on "SET LAUNCH OPTIONS..."


[1.3B]> Enter:

+exec autoexec.cfg




[2A]> Download autoexec.cfg, ready-2-go, and move it to this directory: 

C:/Program Files (x86)/steam/steamapps/common/insurgency2/insurgency/cfg/


%5BInsurgency%5D autoexec.cfg 1.0.0

Category: Insurgency

Last Updated Yesterday, 11:12 AM



[2B]> Create/Open a new text file with notepad (or some other

text editor)



[2.1B]> Copy (ctrl+c) and paste (ctrl+v):

cl_forcepreload "1"mat_queue_mode "1"mat_reduceparticles "1"r_shadowmaxrendered "20"r_propsmaxdist "1000"r_fastzreject "-1"snd_mix_async "1"

[2.2B]> Save as:


[2.3B]> Change to "All files" instead of "text file"

[2.4B]> Place into a directory similar to: "../steam/steamapps/common/insurgency2/insurgency/cfg/"


[3]> Launch Insurgency & witness a boost in your frames per second at the cost of lowering hardly noticeable options!



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No questions.  I followed your instructions and it worked with no problem. 


It worked so well that my KDR jumped from 0.003 to 0.005  :P


jk- It did help.  I also turned off or reduced most of the shading and a few other graphics related settings.


Excellent tutorial- thanks for contributing!


So...whats the topic of your next Insurgency tutorial??

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Hm... I might make a tutorial on creating a custom "server.cfg" file used for single-player mode.

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