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Does anyone want to try Discord with me?

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Does anyone want to try the Discord with me?


Ever since xfire went down it kinda left a huge gap. I know evolve is there but not many people I know use it.


Click the link to join



It looks kinda like this:



My username is Onionknight

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Is there ingame chat? :o

Ideally that's what I need for me to use another chat program, and preferably a game detection.

That is why I went with evolve in the begining but it turned out to not work on my computer.

I asked when they planned on fixing this and it was estimated 6-12 months. That coupled with "Suggested Payment" options ended up making me not use it.



Otherwise there is no point in not using steam now as I am going to have it open almost 24/7 anyways.

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There is an overlay for it for when you are playing ingame to chat to other players. It is ad free and the apps are free on the apple appstore and android app store.


Like you said it is the gamer version of Slack. I use to use it when it was in beta playing Aura Kingdom and FFXIV with guild members (calling people for instance or help).


I don't think anything would replace steam though.


Edit: My biggest issue with the new version is I can't get keyboard chat to work ingame. Only voice chat and text to speech:<


Here is the discord invite because the old link died: discord.me/fearlessassassin

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Well ingame overlay for voice, seems to work really well at least.

Apparently voice was a priority to im chatting though.


It looks just like slack.

Game detection works pretty good so far.


Complaints so far:

No notifications at all if you disable desktop notifications(I disabled cause they pop up as a windows 10 notification)

IM Chatting ingame doesn't work.


Not enough to commit into it fully yet until they add ingame instant messaging.

but omg I would love to it so much nicer to look at.

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