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Ol Smoke

Glad you guys are here....

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As I await the decision to reinstate me as an =F|A= member again, I would just like to take a second to tell you guys that I am glad I came back here.

As the darkness of the last 6 months begins to fade, I am happy that =F|A= is here for me to have a little kinship with some pretty nice guys and gals.

I really like playing COD4 again, and have made new friendships and rekindle some old ones.  I am glad that my TeamSpeak is finally working and I

get to hear your voices and we can laugh again.  With the way the news is today, it is so welcoming to have a game to play with friends that doesn't have

anything to do with the real world problems.  Maybe if we got the heads of state together over COD4 and TS we would come to realize that being nice

is better than not being nice.

So thank you for accepting me as I am and I hope to become a full member again and do all I can do to help this organization get others involved and

maybe we can be nice to each other again.  Except cheaters.  We will have to stone them.   hahahaha


=F|A= forever.




**PS   If I leave the game without saying goodbye,  it is because of either my heart rate & blood pressure got to high, or my wife is on me again about

spending time with her.  She has been sickly here lately and I need to take care of that.


Plus, I would like to expressly thank  SGTAssault and NormanCorn and Diggity for make me feel welcome.

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